welcome to wysardwıch! in this game, you walk through a little town of wysards, and maybe, by the time you walk out, you can become a wysard too!

• WASD/↑←↓→ for movement
• any button to progress through dialogue

notes: as part of the archaic atmosphere of the game, nonstandard spellings are used, including use of the letter ‹þ› for ‹th› and the interpunct ‹·› for punctuation. many ‹k›s are replaced with ‹c›s as well. this game also features a conlang (constructed language) throughout. any conlang dialogue that the player needs to understand is followed by a translation.

this is my first game, & it was partially made for the july 2022 loops bitsy jam. huge thanks to bignastytruck for teaching me how to use bitsy ^ω^

if you liked this game, you can buy me a coffee <|:•)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
TagsAtmospheric, Bitsy, conlang, Cute, Pixel Art, Short, town, Wizards


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really cool game, the conlang looks cool and celticlike and wysards are good


thank you so much for playing & reviewing! & the conlang is a priori, but there was some minor celtic influence — nice catch!

Really charming, the unknow langage adds a lot of depth.


thank you!!!

This is such a charming little experience! The world you've made here is so whimsical and atmospheric and I love the worldbuilding details.


thank you!!!! <|:•)

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An absolutely gorgeous and atmospheric world. Learning about the wysard ways was so engaging!

thank you so much! <|:•)

it's so cute!!!!!! <|:•)  <|:•)  <|:•)  <|:•)  <|:•)  <|:•) obsessed with how the chickens look especially


thank you! <|:•)